Thursday, February 02, 2012

The last I'll say...

My final thoughts on cleaning and organizing.

Seem like I write about this too much, but it's because I keep trying to figure out a "better way"... in the end the best way is just doing it. Somehow someway. Being consistent, learning habits that you keep doing. Be it once a month or once a day or once a year-- go with what works.

Now, my final thought on the issue.


I know, it seems like I shouldn't be saying that after saying everything else, but what are we going to regret when we are older and our kids are grown?

"I wish I'd cleaned my house more?"
"I wish I'd kept my closet more organized?"

I suppose depending on just how BAD it *could* get I can understand that being a regret, but for most of us that wouldn't be our regret.

Sometimes we need to allow ourselves a few hours or a few days of doing just whatever we want to do. For me it's being creative or reading a book. I feel good when I do those things even when I have neglected cleaning and organizing to do it. I don't feel good about ignoring the house when I've just wasted the time. (Note: as Mom's we'll always have to feed people, but we don't have to do dishes after EVERY meal in a day, or we could use paper plates. Choose leftover meals, or some other easy meal plans to give ourselves a break.)

We have choices each day... read to our kids when they ask or finish picking up? A friend calls and wants to do something together.. or should I stay home and stick to that cleaning schedule?

What will you regret when you are older... that you didn't stay home and clean? Or that you missed hanging out with your friends? Missed cuddling your babies?

Have a plan. Make good habits. Strive to make your home and life simpler, but then choose to step away from that order for a time for something much better. The dirt and your plan will be there when you get back, and you will feel rested and excited and not have any regrets.

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