Monday, June 02, 2014

"C" is for "cow"

Our "C week" chalk board design.  In case you can't read music the song is Mary had a little Lamb... only we sang it "Mary had a little cow..."  I forgot to take a picture of the chalk board later when we'd added a bit more to it.  We added "chocolate chip cookies" with all the "C's" in that looking like partly eaten cookies.  This was fun.  :)
Other school stuff that didn't start with "C" was working on their hundreds chart.  I found it interesting how my girls went about filling in the slots.  The middle one (above) went row by row and the oldest one (below) added numbers down and over and all around to fill everything in.  Hey, whatever works!

Playing "Candy Land" and eating Candy Canes and then writing in their copy books some "C" words was a popular activity.

Also, everyone noted how "chocolate" does start with the letter "C" and "Chocolate chip cookie" is even more full of C's... so of course we had to make some (gluten free of course, if you want a pretty good gf mix go for Pamela's pancake mix and it will have a recipe on the back for Chocolate chip cookies as well.) 

The 6 year old was digging the part about biting the cookie till you got it into a "C" shape.

This is just some random school/activity time for the littlest while I help the older ones.  She gets to do her puzzles and other things that I've got in separate stacks on a shelf so they are easy to grab and then put away.

Doing her work box... and this bit of school is one of her favorites.

My oldest doing her workboxes and in one was a fun time of practicing her cats cradle string!  Here she's made cat whiskers (which seemed quite appropriate for "C" week.)

Ice Cream Cones were another favorite moment.  My girls loved finding words like this as we were out shopping, "Mommy, CONES starts with "C" can we get some?"  Yes.

A color by number cow that we decided to change the colors on!

The girls made some artistic cows with crowns

A few weeks down the road we finally finished the hundreds charts (noting that "chart" starts with C and talking a lot about the "CH" sound... chocolate was useful in this discussion of "CH")

They made cookies out of play dough while I read them a bunch of "C" related stories

Thought this poem was so cute that I wanted to share it

We jump around a bit depending on what comes up.  So with this writing project we talked about the "oo" sound in cookie.
And there you have it.  Slightly cooky, sometimes crunchy, continually crazy creative concoctions of our days during "C week"  ... of course there's much that I can't take pictures of, but I think this gives the general feeling of it all.

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