Tuesday, June 03, 2014

"D" is for Dragon!

And here's our chalk board for "D" week.  You should probably know that I get my ideas for the drawings from alphabet books and kids dictionaries.  The girls come up with ideas for us to do as well (like the dew drops), and the only thing we ended up changing on this board is that the "daring dude" became "daring daddy" - so that was pretty fun.  ;)  My oldest especially is loving how the shapes of the letters are the things as well.  Guess who will ALWAYS see a dragon and a daring dadddy when they see "D" and "d" .. yep.. all of us.  ;)

This is all kind of random.. we'll call it "doing stuff" because it doesn't really fit into the "d" category. 
During "D week" (which btw isn't really a literal week, but usually longer) we were helping my husbands Mom move into an apartment right near ours and his younger brother was staying with his Mom for a few weeks so that was fun to get to know the girls Uncle.  Most of the "D's" of "D week" were in watching Netflix shows about Dinosaurs and talking a LOT about Dinosaurs and creation and different theories. 
We'll call this "do you want a turtle?"  As that's what happened this morning when we got a knock on our door.  The maintenance guy at our apartment complex asked if our girls wanted a baby turtle that he found in the pool.

We just watched it for an hour or so and then let it go on the golf course right near us (The girls can squeeze through the fence to get to the creak in there.)  It pretty clearly wanted out, but was oh so cute to see!

The book pictured here "what really happened to the Dinosaurs" is a great way to talk to kids about dinosaurs from a Biblical perspective if that's important to you as it is to us. 
I enjoyed reading about new discoveries about Dinosaurs and seeing scientists putting the pieces together though it can get annoying how they continue to try to dismiss any evidence pointing to a flood or Biblical truths.   If you are like us, you want to teach your kids what the Bible says and what your family believes, but you also want them to be aware of what other people believe and be informed. What I chose to do with my girls is say that whenever we read something we need to compare it to what the Bible says, so as we read from their Encyclopedia we talked about what the Encyclopedia said very matter-of-factly and we asked the question "what does the Bible say?" and also other questions like "do they know that for sure or are they guessing?"  So, saying that Dinosaurs were around before people.. is that true?  No, because animals and people were created on the same day according to the Bible.  What did Dinosaurs look like or how did they live or how long ago did they live ect ect.  We can make educated guesses, but I wanted to teach my girls to not just blindly believe the things, but to search it out for themselves.  Look up Dinosaurs and the Bible if you want to search for more. 
Went to the zoo and happened to get to see this lizard that had Dragon in it's name!  And it's enough weeks later that I totally don't remember what it was called, but it was in the same family as the Komodo Dragon.
Not sure how this fits into "D" but you could say it was "do you want to spend your savings?"  And yes they did.  The littlest was super excited about the lolly pop.  ;)
And the middle one lost her second front tooth.  My families tradition was to put the tooth in salt water and our new tradition is to write a note to the tooth fairy.  The girls are totally digging the notes to the tooth fairy.  It's pretty cute. 

Making a Dessert for the girls Grammy and Uncle's birthday! 
I've never been naturally good at spelling and always couldn't remember which dessert or desert was the one you eat and the one with the sand.. so, this week I actually took the time to figure out how I could remember this.  I'm sure this seems silly to those of you who are naturally gifted with easily remembering how to spell words, but for those of you who are more like me perhaps this will be helpful for you too.  Okay, DESSERT is the one you eat because you want SECONDS hence the two "S's"... and of course I'd hope for less sand if I were crossing a desert.  And there you go.  ;)
And there you have "D week" which lasted at least 2 weeks but who's counting.  Like I said, most of what we did didn't photograph well, but it's a good overview anyway.

Oh, and I forgot to share one of the fun books we found for "D" week!   Product Details
I actually found this through Sonlight since I got a lot of their books to use around and about even though I don't use their teachers guide and do the whole shabang yet with them.  Oh, and I found My Father's Dragon on amazon for a dollar for the kindle version!  It's a super imaginative book and fun to read out loud to the kids. 

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lenorediviney said...

I love this. so cool about the turtle. I wish I was better about insisting we take the bible first. with Jeremy that is very hard as he doesn't believe in the flood or anything like that.