Monday, July 21, 2014

"G" week and our 10 year wedding anniversary!

The chalk board for "G" week features a "Giant guy" and a "good girl" Gramma and Gracie looking through a gazing glass at a Gorilla and a giraffe.  A goat and gold geese and grapes and a gourd are all about as well.

The book "The gardener" Product Detailsis about how a girl grows a garden in the city.
Product DetailsAnd this one I bought but we haven't read yet.  I heard great things about it.  "The goat lady"
And of course a shout out to the "G" book from this series.  :)  Product Details
What would "G" week be without a visit to the Giraffes?

I actually let them feed the Giraffe this time.  Normally we don't do that.  Why? you ask?  Because it's FIVE dollars for THREE pieces of lettuce.  It was a special moment that went buy more quickly that I could really photograph. 

Seeing the giraffes are always a favorite.  The littlest in her high heels is quite normal around these parts.  ;)

Hey, what YOU doin'?

The gorillas were wrestling.  First time we saw them so close and so well, but the middle one did NOT like being that close so we didn't stay super long.

Feeding the goats was usual favorite.

When we got home the girls made a zoo in our living room with all their animals in appropriate habitats.

Another day we made paper/sparkle/painted gingerbread houses.  If I'd planned ahead better we could have done some real ones!  Or at least gingerbread men.  :)

Random moment.. "goggle girl" totally matches the week.  ;)

When we were at the zoo we bought this puzzle and we counted 24 Giraffes in it!  It was a good choice for "G" week, but has other animals from Africa as well.  :)
We read a book last week called "How to dig a hole to the center of the earth" and have been talking about geography and our globe and my oldest made this beeswax model of the layers of the earth all on her own.

Sideways, but I couldn't seem to turn the picture for some reason.  We started reading "Little house in the big woods" in anticipation of "H" week coming up and they made pancake men (like gingerbread men) for Christmas and my girls thought that would be fun to do today!  So we had pancakes for lunch.  :)

Some knitting that my 8 year old has been working on.  I'm so impressed with how well my girls can knit.  The 6 year old is working on a doll scarf right now too.  Nothing to do with "G" week, but just something else we throw into the mix.
I've been thinking lately about the family culture our girls are growing up in.  It's interesting to see what my husband brings to the table and what I like to bring in.  They feel like different ends of the spectrum, but maybe that's a good thing and it helps keep some good variety in our lives.  My husband has brought in a lot of games.  From board games to, video games, to Wii games.  Super Mario for the Wii is a favorite at the moment.  He's brought in Pokemon and the girls watch that most mornings.  Probably not something I would have encouraged, but I find myself getting interested in the stories too.  He introduced me to the X-men and super heroes (which the kids don't get to see yet, but I'm sure will be introduced to when they are older.)

I tend to bring in the crafty stuff like knitting and projects and reading books like "Little House in the Big Woods" and asking questions of the people at the Nature exchange at the zoo and noticing everything in nature as we go on a walk.  My husband was a little freaked out at how many things were below our feet that he hadn't noticed ("look at that huge centipede, girls!  Isn't it interesting?")
I tend to talk the most about the Bible and relating things in our lives to the gospel.  I'm pretty easy going about letting the kids jump on the couch or climb trees.

My husband brings in some culture and interest in things found in a city- like the museum or theater and some popular or foreign culture.

This was 10 years ago when we were first married!
I tend to bring in an interest in nature and creativity and story telling;  Flowers and trees and rocks and watching sunsets.  It's fun to share our interests and see how our family grows in interests and so forth.  I've been thinking more about this because last week we hit our 10 year wedding anniversary!

And here we are today!  With the 6 year old on the left, the cat Fluffy and her owner who is 8, the Daddy, the littlest now 3, and Me.

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