Friday, November 07, 2014

Our Lovely (Long) "L week"

 The girls thought I hid the big and little L's better then usual.  Right after I do these I always point out all the objects and point and read the words to them.  It's amazing how much they get from just that and looking at the chalk board in our dinning room all week (or over two weeks in this case.)  Near the end of the time I asked them to find certain words on the board and they could!

Working on their own chalk boards with alphabet books as inspirations.

Lego Louie might be my favorite.

And the other side of the "living room" picture

It was time to change around our work area.  My oldest wasn't using her craft table anymore so I took that down and moved the other craft table back inside.  The two older girls can share the medium table and the tall table can be JUST for eating.  So happy to not have crafts all over the table when I'm trying to set up our meals three times a day!

This has nothing to do with "L week" but I saw a DIY rental type hack to redo around a fireplace with chalk board contact paper and so I thought I'd try it!  This is the "before picture"

And this is the "after" - I can easily take it down if I get tired of it or I can change the pattern I drew on there.

I got the girls some new wintery outfits today!  Paid for by my first little paycheck from being a Jamberry Independent Consultant.

Holding my artwork while wearing the jams that I created in Jamberry's "Nail Art Studio" so that I'd have a profile picture for my business page.

While I was sick this last week the Daddy took the girls to "Lego Land"!

Building together.  So sweet.

With "Emmet" from the new Lego Movie.  I highly recommend that movie!

 And today we went to the zoo and looked for animals that had names that started with "L" ... there aren't a lot of them, but we did see a few!
A Lorikeet.

It was a little freaky to have birds crawling all over us.

Ack on the head!
Got a good view of the lion (I forgot to take pictures of the Lemurs.)

Bye Lion!

A few more ideas for "L week"
How to utilize Legos in homeschooling
Lego tips and hacks
Check out this lego loom! 

We watched a show from the library about "light" and read several books that started with "L" like "Lama lama red pajama" and many others.
The book "Lady Bug Girl" - classic

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