Sunday, December 07, 2014

"N week" and decorations for Christmas

 Because we were decorating for Christmas we talked a lot about "Nativities" and "Noel" but primarily we live and learn all the time and the letter of the week is just a way to focus on some specifics. 
 These are the trees in my girls room that they got to decorate themselves.
 Their Nativity of course.

 This is the Christmas quilt that I made 10.5 years ago when my husband and I enjoyed our first Christmas together as husband and wife.  I'd started it years before and just chose then to finally put it together!  The other colors in our room don't really match but whatever.  I was leaning back over our half wall in the loft to get that picture!
 Just a random morning with pancakes and tea for breakfast.
 We made "grinch" snacks this day while watching the Grinch.  And of course talked some about the "n" sound in the middle of words.

 One Christmas quilt is almost ready!  I need to do the other two before "Q week"
 I hung up snowflakes that I'd cut out a few years ago.
 Little tiny village that I have.
 More decorations...
 Our "years of Christmas past" -- I still need to do last year and this year.
All the stockings hung with car and it JUST so happened that in the cartoon this picture was up right when I clicked the picture.  I thought it was funny.  ;)
 My oldest enjoyed drawing the Nativity at the bottom there and they all put the snowflakes on the window and drew on it to look snowy.

 Another Nativity
 Another view of the snowflakes
 And our "N" chalk board!  I was going for abstract thoughts that we could talk about and also a way to make it faster for me to draw.  "New" and "Nothing" and "Numbers" are all abstract concepts so how do you draw these things?  Anyway, that was my thought for the "N" theme.
 The girls drew concrete concepts for "N" week. 
 Our Thankful picture that we usually do every year.  We just make it differently.  This time we did fingerprints instead of tracing our hands.
 And this would be what happens when you are trying to take group pictures with a timer and the camera falls over.

 I wanted to get a purple ornament of some kind to commemorate starting the Jamberry business and went to the dollar store and came out with a full mini tree!  Best $5 I've spent in a long time.  :)
 I'd wanted to make a sign of some kind that said "Noel" as well and so getting this ornament was just right.
 Over Thanksgiving the girl's Grammy gave them some "magic nuudles" to create things with and that worked well for "N week" too.  They made ocean related objects to start getting us into the "O" mood for our next letter.
 Random NAP on Thanksgiving day.
 After Thanksgiving we decorated our tree!
 Don't forget "Nails" for "n week" -- I decorated the house and then decorated my nails.  ;)
 Random decorating project of glitter glue on ornament balls.

 Another project we did was the travel mugs.  The girls chose what they wanted to color to put in them for decoration.

 We also made our ornaments for the year.  This time they are all snowmen made out of baby socks.
 The 3 year old and I worked on hers together so we have a double selfie to commemorate it.
 She chose the buttons and colored the hat and all.
 Grammy made one as well, but hasn't put a face on it yet.
 The Daddy asked the older girls to finish his for him.  They added buttons and colored the hate and gave him pipecleaner arms holding a computer "It looks just like you daddy!"
Mine, wearing "Jamberry" with a basket to collect things from nature.  And wearing turquoise and purple.  Totally me.
 The 8 year old made two.  One of her and one "Olaf" just because.
 The 6 year old chose everything for hers, but I helped some with the sewing.
Our advent tree just to keep track of how many more days till Christmas.  I'm reading through some books with them as well and stuff.
One day was warm enough that we did our school reading outside by the pool at our apartment complex.  It was nice, but very loud.

 My Mother-in-law and I've been enjoying doing Jamberry every week or so and getting to see what the other person chooses.

 First Fondue of the season!  It was a big hit.  This is our yearly Holiday tradition.
 My 3 year old's nails.  She chose hearts and unicorns.
 The 6 year old's nails!  I did their nails while we watched "It's a Wonderful Life" -- my youngest kept saying "this is so fun!"
 My oldest wanted to match me.  I want to wear the snowman one later too.  :)
 And this morning my 3 year old got all dressed up to match her nails.
She was so excited.  Can you tell?  ;)

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