Wednesday, December 31, 2014


This post could also be called "a brilliant plan for parenting while sick."

 So as the kids were watching their special movie from Redbox (we are having a very low key New Year's party since I have pneumonia) I was looking through Pinterest and other random blogs and found THIS idea!
A craft "bomb".. no literally.  ;)

The stack of them so everyone could have one.
 Actually, I could make them fast enough just sitting on the couch while my kids ran back and forth throwing the "bombs" and bringing the pieces back for me to hand them another!
Hence, why this is a brilliant idea for when you need to sit on the couch, yet the little ones need to run around.  Totally will wear them out without wearing YOU out.. well, maybe your fingers will get tired, but seriously, that is so much easier than what we normally do, right?
My almost 9 year old worked hard to finally make her own!  Not an easy thing when you start out.
  I remember making these as a kid!  And here's a little video of what they look like upon impact!

Someone is excited!!!
 And they kept asking what a "New Years" was... so we talked about how we'll count down and all throw the "bombs" and say "Happy New Year" and tomorrow the calendar will be new!
The 3 year old was running back and forth so quickly to throw her "bombs" that she could hardly stand still for this picture.  Incidentally, she fell asleep REALLY fast tonight!  I mean, once I got her to sit still for 10 minutes.  ;)
 We've done something different every year so far.  One year we did a balloon drop and other times we've just done noise makers depending on what I had on hand or what I could get.  This time I didn't have anything special, BUT we already had the craft sticks!  Guess what I'm going to do for 2 hours tomorrow?  Why yes.. resting and making more bombs while my children get all worn out and I sit on the couch.  ;)  Oh by the way.. the way this works is that they have to bring back four sticks to get the next bomb.  That's so you can always be making one while someone is throwing one.  This would NOT work if you just kept making them and they didn't bring back the four sticks each time!  Who wants to clean that up?
Some day my 6 year old might not like it that she crossed her eyes on purpose almost every time I took her picture, but there you are.  Goofball.  ;)
 And we did it!  We counted down and threw 14 "bombs" and said "Happy New Year!" ---- at 8:30..... (Do not say a word.)  ;)

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