Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Our Quick "Q" week

Quarreling Quails Story 
Is one of the fairy tales we read.  There's not THAT many books with "Q" words, but this one fit along with the "words to remember" -I don't quarrel or complain, I am thankful- always a good one to remember!

Our chalk board for this week has a red and pink and heart theme because I did it right before Valentine's day!  You can't quite see in the picture but the two Q's at the bottom under the quail have angry eyes/eyebrows so are "quarreling"

The girls chalk boards, and the new cork board/geo board with push pins and rubber bands. My 9 year old created the Q for this week.  And "Hedgy" our Hedgehog helper her pictured as well.  :)

For one day this week we spent some time shaping all the letters of the alphabet!  I have pictures of all of them, but you just get to see the "Q" to match this week.  I'm planing to print them out and having the girls make an alphabet book or do some other fun thing with all the letters they created.
The 3 year old tracing the letter shapes from her puzzle.

Our decorations for Valentine's day!  My girls LOVE to decorate!

Their Gramma sent them puzzle houses to put together and paint for a Valentine's day gift so they enjoyed that a LOT.

The Daddy gave each girl a chocolate rose.  It was a thrilling day.  ;)

I bought them Strawberry plants for a present and they made a little fairy garden!

I found a hyacinth leftover from last year coming up in a pot outside where I threw it last year!  I potted it to bring it in and after the original flower cluster died another one was coming!  But this little early bird flower couldn't wait till the stalk grew taller!  Cracked me up.  :)

In Jamberry land I created a sensation by showing off how you can layer the TINT finish wraps (which are colored, but see through) over other wraps (especially black and white designs) for more looks!  This "Aquamarine" tint is on the going going gone list.. so after February 28th it will be gone forever! 
This is my current "Jamicure" with "Orchid Glimmer" that I love so well!  It's also going to be gone after February, but I got some extra so I can survive.  :) 
 Until March 3rd I'm running a "Mystery Hostess" party that anyone can join!  To be entered to win all the rewards you just purchase something through this party and then you'll be entered into a raffle to win ALL the hostess rewards generated by this party!  I'm putting an entry in for about every $15 spent to make it more fair for those people who buy a lot (they get more chances to win the rewards!)  It could be small or it could be epic.  My last mystery hostess party went really well and the winner got to choose a LOT of fun things!
And with sort of a selfie.. chilling today because I hurt my back.  :/
Earlier this week the older girls learned to make tiny quilts! 
 The quilt making was just very basic.  They learned the names for the different parts - Backing, batting, binding, quilt top, quilting stitch as opposed to a "whip stitch" and they got to pick the color of fabric they wanted.  We didn't do any piecing as I was having them do all the sewing by hand so they drew their pattern on with permanent sharpies.

All finished!

My 9 year old decided to make three different quilts for her Woodzies.  This is for the Mom and Dad skunk.

Notice how it works?

These two are for the kid skunks.
There was an ice storm and cold snap here in Dallas.  So, the Daddy got to stay home form work for a day!  I put him to work here though helping out with the homeschooling.  This is "The book nook" where I read to the 3 year old.  She was delighted to have so much personal time.

Also, I have to show off her Jamberry's too because they will ALSO be leaving forever after February 28th!  They are called "Unicorn Dream & Hearts" and I'm really glad we still have more of these in my stash!  They last quite a while especially the Jr sizes so she'll get to enjoy them again.  :)
And here's the snow day.  We actually still did school of course since we don't have to go anywhere anyway, but the girls had fun playing outside and finally got to use their snow pants!  It was pretty wet "frozen rain" type "snow" but they still had fun with it!  They even tried to make "snow angels"... you can imagine how wet everything was when they came in!
 Of course we did their workboxes and the bits of reading practice and writing and smatterings of math and games as usual.  But this is all the most fun parts of our "Q week"  :)
AAaaaand the first fire we've had that actually worked well.  My husband had to really push the thing to get the flew open but once he did that everything went well and the girls got to enjoy a fire in their quilts on that cold spring day.  :)
  Other thoughts on "Q week"?  It was quick!  Relatively quiet... with some quarreling between a quarter of our family.  Again have to recommend the "Animal Antics from A to Z" books!  Wonderful as always -Q was "Quentin Quokka's quick Questions"

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