Sunday, March 29, 2015

Birthday party and snow in March!

 It snowed a bit the end of February and Renna wanted some snow for her birthday on March 6th.  WELL, it didn't snow ON her birthday, but it snowed the day before!  She was so excited.
The berry tree out our back door.

The little one doing a snow angel.
 The snow was so perfect for half the day, then melted all away.  I used to live for winter days like this!  The sunshine on the snow might be the most beautiful site ever... like a billion diamonds glittering....
Our view (under the berry tree)

Fluffy was taken on a walk in the snow.

Both older girls rolled their own large snowballs.  Hard work that.

Rolling the snowball.. this is the view out my kitchen window.

They all wanted to make an "Olaf" so there you go.  ;)  He melted by the end of the day.
And happy birthday to Renna!

 The girls loved the rainbow balloons for "R week" and Renna's birthday.  It was quite serendipitous.
Cupcakes were made with chocolate and nutella and golden papers for the "gold at the end of the rainbow"

Her present was getting to pick out an American girl doll.  She chose Samantha.  We all pooled our birthday money for her in to get this and some outfits for all of them to share and play their dolls together.  I really like getting toys that they can all play together!  And my oldest already had a doll and the doll from when I was a kid, so now there are three.

 The girls all have a doll now and we ate some dessert at the cafe there as well.  It was pretty special.

 We don't usually eat at restaurants so this was very fancy for them!

Escalators are always a hit.

So much excitement this day!

And blowing out candles!

 The girls had fun decorating the cupcakes with the rainbow colored chocolate balls.

On her actual birthday (the 6th) our church was doing their monthly "parents night out" so we made tiny cupcakes to take to share.  Saved me from inviting people to a birthday party, but she still got to celebrate with friends and everyone declared it to be the MOST FUN EVER!  so that was good!
My fashionable imaginative Renna also likes to curl her toys hair now.  She's been fixing her OWN hair as well which is really nice since she hated me to brush it.  Now she puts her own hair in a pony tale and is so much more grown up even from 6 to 7.  It feels like there's less of a struggle about things because she seems to want to grow and learn now.  Instead of looking at making her bed like the worst thing ever she's starting to see that she likes her room more tidy and just over all is more aware of herself and the people around her. 

One day she was tracing this picture and while she was coloring it she was telling the story of it.  She told part of it to her little sister and then went to tell her big sister.  I found it amazing that she was able to tell it exactly the same way.  I asked if I could type it out for her while she told it.  I typed exactly what she said and didn't change anything.  I think it's lovely and lyrical and such a great vocabulary for a just turned 7 year old!
This is Renna's story --

This is a princess.
In my dream she was me.
She was stuck on a rocky island.
One part of the island was bright and sunshine.
The other side of the island was dark and gloomy.
The princess trusted in the sunshine, but she looked at the black.
She had one black streak in her hair.
She trusted in the sunshine to give her back her loved one.
But her wish never came true.
So she was stuck on it until the crocodile helped her across.
All the animals helped her and some flowers made a bed for her.
While she was walking through the night it suddenly became day.
She walked in the night.
It became day every night and day and night.
The only noise that the animals and the flowers heard at night was the snoring of the little girl sleeping in the flower bed.
That was my dream.

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