Friday, September 25, 2015

Cat school!

I talked just a bit in the last post about the Homeschooling Handbook for Moms, and it's been so fun that I'd LOVE to get the Kitty Doodles one for my 9 year old!
As you might remember, she wants her school to be all about cats.  ;)
You can now LOOK INSIDE of it on Amazon!

 Anything Cats she loves and while I was feeling tentative about these books at first (just because I wasn't sure what to expect) after having my own and seeing what it's about I think my girls will enjoy these.  You could use these for any sort of homeschooling or even as a summer enrichment sort of idea.

They have specific ones for unschoolers as well, and some specifically to help with planning and other things.  As an artist who doesn't like lists I feel like I can really work with this.  It gives me the bit of structure that I need but the freedom to explore.

I've been reading this authors Autobiography as well, which is FREE right now on Kindle!!! 
And I've enjoyed it so far.  I feel like she and I could be friends.  :)

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