Sunday, October 11, 2015

Trendy Stylebox mix and match!

"Francis" is the Trendy one of course.  ;)
 October's Trendy stylebox is this gorgeous emerald color!  My girls are saying they look like the Emerald city in "The Wizard of Oz" which I love!  The sparkly green with the gold and silver lines on it is my favorite and I will wear that one as a full mani.  The other ombre green one I was having a harder time liking so I pulled out all my current wraps to see what I might like it with!

So, I thought some of you all might like some fun ideas as well for what to pair these with.
Here's both with "Gatsby" which is an obvious choice to match with these!  Think Christmas parties!  Modern classic.

"Celeb Status" layered over the green ombre one and possibly accented with "Lady in Red" could be a fun idea too!

"Whisper" looks amazing over SO many!  Be it other wraps or lacquer, the clear designs like Whisper are just so versatile and fun!  And since every sheet gives you at LEAST 2 mani's and two pedi's with extra it's nice to be able to change things up so you aren't wearing the exact same look for a full month at a time.  :)

I kind of like the contrast the dark ombre green has under "Flower Girl" which gives it more of an Autumn look to me.  A lighter color under "Flower Girl" would make me think more of spring.  I wear a lot of purple so this would be a nice look. Also the "Mint Green Chevron" is a possible accent with this look as well I think.

One of my FAVORITE Jamberry wraps is the "Silver Floral"  - Which also comes in GOLD!
 "Champagne Frost" is pictured above as well as an idea of what could possible look good with the ombre green from the trendy stylebox!
One of my favorite clear designs (That I've already used parts from- you might notice) is called "Fall Fever" and I'm loving how it looks over this ombre green too!  I've mostly seen this design over orange and red colors, but I think it would also look amazing over a plum or boysenberry!  Those too would look great just with each other, but another idea is to add a "Lady in Red" accent.  OR other red or orange colors to get a full autumn leaf look!

Another idea is to do "Metallic Gold Stripe" over the green (This also comes in Silver!) Which is a great way to tie it in with "Gatsby" as well.  And I have to say that I've used the metallic stripes more than any other wraps!  LOVE!

And here's the same idea only with "Champagne Frost"

IF you have the previous stylebox (Which were all clear!) you might consider layering the white one (this is from the Feminine box!) over the green ombre. and even going super Christmasy with "Candy Cane Lane" as an accent
 There ARE more ways to style this stylebox!  And many more wraps that you could match with these, BUT these were the ones I had.  :) 

 Wondering what these look like ON?  Well, I'm wearing just the sparkle one right now.  Loving it!
 Kind of reminded me of a Shakespeare play for some reason.
 Suddenly - Jeans, black ruffle tank, and a necklace looks fancy!   As a homeschooling, stay at home Mom it's kind of nice to actually look good (yet comfy!) when going grocery shopping.  Yes, my fancy look was enjoyed by just me and my kids while I cooked and cleaned.  ;)

Everyone has till the 15th of each month to sign up for Stylebox and get the current month!  These are the styles for October!


 If you already have a consultant be sure to order at her website, but if you are looking for a consultant you can order through mine!  To sign up for Stylebox start here

You can subscribe to Jamberry's Youtube channel and get to see before the month what is coming so you can easily change your style or "skip" (or even gift!) a month of your choice!  Watch the current stylebox video here.
And so you all know what it looks like, this is what stylebox looks like when you have subscribed (minus the blue boxes.)  You simply sign in on the website and go to your account to manage your stylebox subscription.
Also, if you see this blog post and sign up for stylebox at my website, comment that you did so and I'll send you a FREE Mini heater as a thank you!  (If you already have a heater you can choose a sheet of wraps or an application kit.)  Stylebox is a great value already, but so many people get hung up on not wanting to buy a mini heater.  It makes such a huge difference in how much you enjoy these though!  Hands free, really quiet to use, and you can watch a movie or just relax while doing your nails.  It's totally worth it to get a heater and here's a great chance to enjoy stylebox AND get a heater for FREE.

I've had so much fun working for Jamberry (for a year this month!) and using them (for almost two years now!) that I just can't keep them to myself.  :)

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