Friday, June 02, 2017

Peaceful Perspective Planner (For the non-planning type)

I start to feel panic rising when considering the idea of planners.  I don't like reading blog posts about them either!  However, I know that having a calendar of some sort (even if I'm mostly writing what we DID rather than what is coming next) it does help me feel calm about what we are doing being enough.  I have tried so many planners though and none have been the right fit for my personality.

This is the front of the planner after I added some color!  You could color or doodle in this planner or just use it as it is.  Or you can get ideas from this and make your own pages!  I love visual journals and the idea of bullet journals and I've looked into the "happy planner" and other things, but I wanted something that was a bit more manageable and not expensive and something that would SAVE me time rather than give me more to do.
These pages are the "weekly" pages and I went ahead and printed out 5 of them even though I will probably only keep one at a time in my planner.  Too many pages can be stressful to me so having just a few pages to look at is much better.
For more pictures and a video about how to put it all together (and the link to the free printable of course!) click the "read more" below.

Thursday, June 01, 2017

Herb Fairies & Poetry PIZZA Time!

We just got something that I have been interested in for about half my life!  *Healing Herbs! * But this is amazing because it's told in story form (I am all about the stories!) And with fairies (hello, love fairies!) And it is technically made for kids, but I would want it for me even if my kids didn't want to join me.

We live in a town home apartment so potted gardening is all I can do right now and I have to haul watering pots to water everything (which means my main problem is letting things dry out too much), but I have had a few herbs growing now for a few years!

"Poet -Tree" and Raising Caterpillars

Our "Poet-Tree" that we started in April (for poetry month) but it is staying up a long time!
It is made from packing paper from an amazon box and taped and thumb tacked to the wall.
The leaves are some old scrapbooking paper I had and we have slowly been writing poems
onto the leaves for most of our poetry tea times.  

We were in the process of raising caterpillars during this poetry tea time so we specifically looked for poems about caterpillars and Butterflies to add them to the "Poet-tree"!

For more pictures click on the read more below.