Monday, June 30, 2008

Things that make me feel better...

I've always had days of depression and had to fight that feeling a lot.

Monday's aren't any help with this because I always feel like I'm recovering from the weekend. I always look forward to the weekend like it will be some sort of relief from my being a mom, when really what happens is I have to be a Mom, wife, and many times a hostess. Not that any of this is bad or not enjoyable of course... I just get a little worn out.

Things that always seem to make me feel better though are-

Showers: Lily generally will take a shower with me which eases my mind about what she'd get into if she didn't and she generally will act less whiny after a shower too.

Vacuuming: It's just so refreshing to not be walking on cheerios and other things all over the floor. Plus I can pick up while the vacuum is going and for some reason the loud vacuum is a nice "quiet" from the normal cartoon noise, fussy sounds (Renna's been testing out different sounds that she can make for fun), and Lily's constant chattering and jubilations. After the vacuuming and the floor is clean those sounds are welcome again.

Creating: Making things has to start in my head and I always feel better and energized when I have a project that I can "figure out." What colors go where, how can I do such and such. It's really the best feeling to me.

Exercising: Sometimes it's a walk. So nice to have the girls being happy and quiet and getting fresh air and not spending money (on gas or anything else.) It's been a little hot lately to walk much, but tonight I tried a "post-pregnancy" work out thing and my back felt really good afterwards! So, now I add that to the last of the list.

Other things are actually getting myself to clean the kitchen and so forth. When I feel depressed all I want to do is escape life, but I know from past experience that if I force myself to play with my kids or clean the kitchen or whatever I feel better. Maybe if I act happy then I'll become so? It actually can work, but it takes a lot of work for that to work... ha.. so the first things that I listed help enough to do that.

Oh! And a lot of the time I just need to take a nap! I really want to stay awake for some "me" time, but usually a nap will turn my outlook on life to where it really should be. And speaking of sleep.. I need to go get some so that I'll be ok for tomorrow tomorrow!

Saturday, June 28, 2008

22.41 lbs

Of Strawberries!

We actually got four boxes and the picture above was after I'd already washed and prepared a bunch for freezing.

Lily actually took these two pictures (of Youssef and of me). She tends to aim the camera a little low which is why I'm bent over so much. She got a couple other good ones too of the ground and berry plants. ;)

We all worked for over an hour or so and then Renna was getting tired of not sleeping and being in the heat, Lily was getting bored too, so I took them on the train.

It was super bumpy, but Renna fell asleep on it! Then when we got back Lily was still bored and since Renna was asleep I sent him with Lily to take another trip on the train. (I can pick faster.)

So, after Lily had a total of three trips on the train and we had then four boxes of berries (at least two and a half filled by me - must be my super power.)

We stopped at a grocery store and bought some "Ice a crweem"

Then Youssef slept all afternoon while I swept and mopped and vacuumed and tidied and finally got Renna asleep as it was so hot. Then got a box and a half cleaned and frozen before Renna woke up and was a bit cranky because of the heat. So, she got a cool bath on the counter! Lily brought ALL of her bath toys to share and play with while I was working the the berries. I didn't get a whole lot done though because Renna wanted to eat soon there after and then was cranky from being hot. I didn't get pictures of this because the girls weren't wearing much, but we sat in front of the fan and squirted the water spray bottle at each other to cool down. Lily thought that was great fun and it really did cool us down. Around 5 I finally woke Youssef up and it was good that I did because then it gave him enough time to wake up a bit before having to go upstairs and work on the pipes of our house (they were clogged and he was wanting to snake them out before another "incident" happened, but it happened again.) The drain in Unit 3 goes down but comes UP in the sink of #2 then spills all over their floor.. like 3 inches of water goes down their floor vent into our bedroom ceiling (of #1) and if there is enough water will dump onto our bed. Yeah, not a good thing. Anyway, he got that worked out pretty well. I always feel pretty bad though when problems happen that we have to bug our tenants about so I invited the two guys to dinner in the back yard. It was pretty fun. I walked to the store though to get some stuff for smores (I actually don't like smores) they were all wanting to cook something over the BBQ fire. (We were burning sticks just to get rid of them.)

I'm super tired and my feet are killing me. I hardly sat down all day trying to get everything done so that I could rest. Rest doesn't seem to come till late at night though, and I get on the blog to unwind from the day I guess. It's a lot cooler in here though! While I was folding clothes (why is it that it takes about 20 zillion hours all through out the week to fold all the clothes?) Youssef got our air conditioner from the basement and we put it in the window (a better window than we used last year.) So, hopefully the girls will be able to sleep better tomorrow with a cooler house. :)

Friday, June 27, 2008

Upset (or trying to be)

I was talking to Lily about how Renna was trying to roll over (which she has done, but not often) and Lily wanted to "help" her so she rolled Renna over several times. This was not something that Renna appreciated much. And to show her disapproval she tried to cry. (This is really funny and she's done this before) It looks really serious in the pictures, but in real life you can tell that she's *trying* to get herself to cry. There isn't much noise with these looks either... little angry grunts mainly and a squeezed out "Aahh" sometimes.

First it starts with the big teary eyes and furrowed brow..

Then the nose wrinkle to work it up...

Then the lip comes out with an added sound of mild distress..

Then the tears well up...

"But Mom, it's really serious"
She finally squeezed out an "AeHa"
(after smiling on and off between pouting lips and trying to cry)
and I stopped taking pictures.

I wonder if we look like this to God? Our little problems that seem so huge to us. ... And God can fix things so easily. I don't usually take pictures of her "crying" faces, but it was so cute, I just had to sneak some in this once. Right afterwards I nursed her and she fell asleep and her hiccups went away. Lily never cried like Renna does. Renna's cries are more like complaints rather than real distress. Not always of course, but Lily wouldn't be able to calm herself down (she'd sob like I always have when I cry). Renna will fuss on and off and I'm often unsure if she needs something or if she's making noises and talking or like this time when she was just telling me her troubles. Nursing cured everything for Lily too, but with Renna even if that's what she was wanting and she starts to sip a little bit she lets go to give a couple more "complaints" because (whatever it was) was just SO awful! It touches my motherly heart and of course I hide my smiles at her sad little troubles because to her they are huge and all she can see.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Lily's Felicity

(Reminds me of when I was 8 or so and would pour over the american girl magazines..
only I wasn't holding a doll at the time.)

I let Lily play with my Felicity doll today.

She LOVED it!

When she was distracted enough for me to take the doll and put her back up for decoration in Lily's room it was about 2 hours later and almost nap time. She's been playing a LOT with her "bitty baby" recently. Especially when she sees me doing things with Renna. I saw a ballerina outfit for the bitty baby and I bet Lily would really like it (since we went to the Nutcracker and she loved the "princesses" and now says something whenever she sees a ballerina.)
Maybe for Christmas...

Renna plays

"Kissing" the little teddy bear from my Grandpa Minnich.

And kicking the ball on her floor toy.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

The Late Night Snack...

(After writing the last post I turned around just in time to see Lily's hand deep in the peanut butter jar that she'd had me open for her!)

This maneuver right here is called "the creative mom's way of getting more protein into the diet of her very tired two year old because she was too lazy to put her to sleep on time or put the peanut butter in a dish - snack."

Oh and all the pictures taken of said snack are because said Mom doesn't let her eat this said snack often, scrapbooks and blogs too much, and thinks most people need to lighten up a bit and laugh more. ;)

(After snapping the pictures really fast and putting the camera down before she touched anything, of course, I hosed her down in the kitchen sink and chuckled while I picked up the blobs of peanut butter on the floor and chair... )

On Growing up and Growing old

I've been contemplating the process of aging lately.

I always tend to compare what I looked like before having kids and now after having two babies. I don't know that my waist will ever be 27 inches again, but it really doesn't matter. I need to keep reminding myself that. I realized too what I think of and how I see the people I know and love. I don't think about how they looked when they were young and think that they looked better then (as I often do about myself). I look at them no matter where they are in their life and see their beauty where they are.

A young person isn't beautiful just because they are young. Our society might push that (as I've seen a LOT of adds on facebook to confirm that), and how often have you seen an older lady who looks like she's trying to look younger... and it looks weird. Not that dying your hair or wearing makeup is bad in anyway, but there is a certain style or something overdone that I think is noticeable. Why can't we try to look good at the stage that we are. Rather than thinking about how I used to look and making myself depressed or something, I know I should just try to look nice where I am. I don't need to look like I'm 18 again, but I can try to look nice as a young mother of two. I can eat healthfully and exercise and everything and as I grow older I should just be where I am. At each stage of our "growing up" we can look lovely if we embrace where we are. I know our culture might not agree, but they are wrong. I've seen so many beautiful older woman and men and they are always people who aren't trying to be anything but who they are. I saw a woman in Walmart the other day. She had white hair and it was very thin, but she'd styled it in a nice way and she just looked lovely. She had wrinkles yes and didn't have a body like a 16 year old, but why should she? She wasn't 16. She was probably closer to 70ish, but she was a beautifully aged woman!

That's how I want to be as I grow older, but even now I'm finding it difficult to accept where I am. Youssef does the same thing as I do (somewhat). We look at pictures of ourselves just 4 years ago before we were married and we think how young we looked! (I think it's the beauty sleep that you miss out on after having kids.) But when I look at Youssef now.. even though I can see a difference.. I don't think it's a bad difference. Why should growing up and looking older be negative? It really is as silly as saying that Lily was a pretty baby and isn't a pretty toddler. She just looks different. She's pretty now and she was pretty then. But she doesn't look like a baby anymore. I don't look like a teenager anymore. I look like a mother. That's not a bad thing. It's a lovely thing. Perhaps some of you who are reading this have thought the same about yourself? I'd like to encourage you! The people that really love you don't think that. They don't see the flaws that you see in yourself. They see the beautiful lovely you and the "flaws" that you see aren't even noticeable to them!

I remember when I was little and thought my Mom was the most beautiful woman in the world. I was quite confused and somewhat disappointed when she assured me that she wasn't. It didn't matter if other people thought that was true or not, even my Mom. I believed that she was, and really, that's all that mattered.

What should we be concerned with? Should we try to lose weight to be like we were in high school? Should we buy miracle cream to take away our wrinkles? Should we dress like we are a fashion plate from the 80's? (Sorry.. that last one is a pet peeve of mine when I see 30's-ish men dressing like "The New Kids On the Block") NO! We should be who we are and stop trying to be what we once were. I know I'd be happier if I didn't wish to look like I was 20 again. And really, why should I look like I'm 20? I'll be 30 in a few years. I want to be beautiful to my family and loved ones like my Mom and Grandmother (and so many other friends and relatives) have always been to me.

If you are 20 try to look your best, and if you are 50 try to look your best.. and know that you do! When I was a teenager I read a book that had a passage in it about how a girl looked so beautiful in that "awkward" in between stage of girl and woman. I was too close to that stage at the time myself to agree. But the other day I saw a girl in that exact awkward in between stage, and she really was absolutely lovely. Not in the worldly way that most people might be thinking. But in just a lovely innocent, awkward, slightly curvy, squeaky voiced, goofy, graceful, almost womanly, yet girlish way. Then recently I went to a free showing of the Nutcracker, and among all of the twiggy girls there was a girl that was noticeably more over weight then all the rest. It didn't mean that she wasn't as lovely though! She was wonderfully graceful (more graceful than a lot of the other girls.) She really was a delight to watch.

I'd like to keep these truths that I'm sharing with you in the front of my mind. It is too easy to become taken in by the lies of this world about beauty.

I'm not saying, by-the-way, that it's really the "inside that counts" ... it is of course in a way, but the line about how it's just your "inside that counts" implies that you aren't lovely on the outside and just have a "nice personality" but rather, what I mean is that, who you are in every way can make you beautiful in every way. A person, who they truly are, shines through their eyes and how they talk and walk and dress and everything about them! Our culture might say that an 18 year old looks more beautiful than an 80 year old.. or a thin person rather than a fat person.. a strong person rather than a wispy person... but who makes the rules? I've decided that I'm going to make those rules for myself. "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder." And beauty can be found in so many wonderful places if we know the truth.

So.. to come back to my thoughts. I don't now look like I did before having kids. But I shouldn't look at my no-longer 27 inch waist and see something ugly, but remember that I've become a mother and have two beautiful children and also in every part of life, every added wrinkle or "flaw" can be something beautiful if we are grateful for what we have and where we are. The wisdom we've gained and the joys and memories we've come through are what have made us who we are.

And I really wouldn't give up what I have now for all the personal trainers in the world. ;)

Fun Times!

Yesterday, the Tuckers and Beth Lipton came over to our house!
You can't quite see the people in the above picture, but Rebekah is on the far right looking beautiful glowy with a cute growing baby belly and Beth is on the far left looking in love and twinkly. Lily, David, and Noelle are in the pool, and Timothy in the sand box. (I think.. I'm having trouble seeing too.) ;)

The kids had fun in the pool, floating and rolling and sliding!

Renna was apparently planning something.. though we don't know what.

And then seemed to changer her mind. ;)

Oh.. and Youssef and Forrest were getting "Panda Express" so they came later after I forgot about the camera. I love having pictures, but I often have to force myself to take them because I'm having so much fun just being with people and stuff to think about picture taking.

Giggles with Grandma!

Renna doesn't laugh too often yet, so this was only about the third time she'd laughed, and the other times they were "almost" laughs.. so this was really pretty much the first time. And her Grandma made her laugh!!

And Grandma tickled her! (She moved like that because it tickled.)

I love this picture of my Mom! She's laughing harder than Renna was!

Smiling.... :)

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Caught in the act!!!

After nursing Renna in bed this morning I had to get up to take care of Lily who'd gotten into the M&M's, dumped chicken salad all over the kitchen floor when she was trying to get the gallon of milk to bring me, and needed to go potty in the toilet (as I'm potty training her now.)

So, when I peeked in the bedroom to see if Renna was asleep, I found her quietly sucking her thumb! She doesn't suck her thumb as often as I did when I was little (my parents had to tape socks on my hands when I was four so I wouldn't suck my thumb while I slept.)

At first, when she started to suck her thumb I thought she needed to nurse, but she only sucks it when she wants to just suck on something. It's actually kind of nice because before when she was colicky there wasn't anything that soothed her because if she nursed and more milk went on her sore tummy it just hurt her more. Now she hardly ever spits up, which is really nice! She doesn't usually fall asleep sucking her thumb either, though I think she has once or twice. I was a little worried only because I know how hard it was for me when I was so attached to my thumb. I sucked my thumb ALL the time though.. I was born sucking my thumb... probably sucked it before I was born. So, I'm glad she's not THAT attached. :)

Renna has fallen asleep in many different ways. Lily only fell asleep by nursing (and rocking combined, usually), but Renna has fallen asleep by herself in her bouncy chair, nursed to sleep, been held by other people while she fell asleep, and has fallen asleep in her amby bed (after she's totally done nursing and doesn't want more but is still awake after 9 I lay her down and she falls asleep making cute little baby sigh noises!) She's even fallen asleep in the car! To most people these things would seem normal, but Lily never would fall asleep in the car at Renna's age. She'd just cry and cry (and no Lily would never cry herself to sleep.) When I was driving home from my Mom's once she finally DID fall asleep after crying the whole way when I gave her a teething cookie. It stopped her from crying just long enough so that she fell asleep. Lily did actually sleep really well, but she just NEEDED me to help her sleep and it took a lot for her to learn differently... it's still taking some work, but she does lay by herself now and fall asleep for her naps (so nice.) Renna likes to be held and nursed to sleep, but I'm glad she's easier about things than Lily was. I feel bad sometimes at how much attention Lily still needs when I can't give more attention to Renna. If Lily is asleep and Renna is awake (or visa versa) who ever is awake will beg for my total attention. It's nice to give them attention without the other around, but it's hard to get too much time by myself. :)

Actually, they are really pretty good about letting me do stuff, and I do it even if one wants to be held. Lily doesn't need to be held when I work on projects anymore, if she needs attention she'll work on projects with me! Of course the sling is wonderful for Renna when she's tired of being in her bouncy chair on the floor (she gets a new view.)

Speaking of taking care of the girls... I should go do that. :)

Monday, June 16, 2008

Chocolate = Woman

One of the best chocolates, in my opinion.

Why, you ask? It's the layers.
Notice the nutty chocolate outside, then crispy chocolate shell, then soft creamy chocolate,
then a large nut in the center, and you have a complicated perfection.

Painting day

This is the first time we've pulled out these paints.

As you can see, Lily loves to paint.
She has a lot of artistic genes from both sides of the family!

Brilliant way to let her dip like crazy and not mix all of the paint in the full containers.

Today, Lynne' painted Lily's hands like a rainbow to imprint her palms in a scrapbook page. Then she painted the bottoms of Lily's feet for the same purpose. Lily held really still and loved feeling the paintbrush on her. She of course got that from Youssef, who also got his hands and feet painted for the same layout to go with these pictures! :)

Daddy Day

"Helping Mommy" make the father's day pie.

Also known as: "licking the bowl!"


I was told recently that when I talk about problems that I struggle with or ideas that I have to help myself do things better or whatever, that it sounds like I'm not so much talking about myself but telling other people what they should do.

I didn't realize that I sounded like that. I'm sure I did that on purpose when I was younger. I think that's kind of juvenile to do that on purpose though. I remember when I was going to a public school part time in Jr High people would say things like that and they were usually really poignant and obvious that they were talking about me to my face without talking about me (like as obvious as what color shirt I'm wearing and them saying "I hate it when 'people' wear paisley shirts. Don't you think that makes them look awful?" And I'd look down and see my paisley shirt... no one said that of course, but that's how obvious it always was. I think that's a way for girls to be "nice" to each other, but I think it would probably be kinder to either not say anything or tell them directly. Youssef is nodding right now and saying that THAT is why guys are less complicated. ;) I really hate that feeling and don't want other people to feel like that on account of my talking too much, so this will be the last personal blog entry for quite a while... or ever... This last discovery though actually does have to do with other people so here it goes. (It's nothing bad about other people though of course.)

When I was at my grandma's last week I realized something from how she acts. She's really a wonderful artistic person. She's sewn all her life and is really amazing at it. She painted (oil) for a while and has these fantastic pictures. Now she's especially into quilting and for the last 14 years has won prizes for this contest at least 6 times and she didn't enter every year. I forgot to ask how many people enter the contest but it sounded like quite a lot. Anyway, when I was there I was scrapbooking and most of the time they were working on their quilting projects (my great aunt was there too). My grandma hasn't scrapbooked but, like I said, is really artistic and she does have definite opinions about things (which of course has served her well as she's won so many prizes and so forth). Anyway, she was giving me some advice about what I should do. Sometimes I'd asked her opinion and sometimes she'd just give suggestions without my asking. I was starting to feel a little sensitive though and as if I HAD to take her advice and I almost felt like putting the project away.

So, my self discovery was that I do the same thing and didn't realize how I sound to other people.

Now, I know that she was only giving ideas because what I was doing was interesting to her, and I realized that I tend to give more advice about artistic stuff when I really like what the person has already done. Sometimes I just give ideas to just give ideas, but I realized how off-putting that can sound and I had no idea I sounded like that. After the layout was pretty well done my Grandma said that she liked it and admitted that she wasn't sure about it when I started. And the thing with scrapbooking unlike some other crafts is that it really does look odd at first when you pull all these papers and random things out to figure out what you want to do, and then go to put something together. Actually, I've thought that about other peoples layouts sometimes, but the thing is that no one can tell what the person is thinking and generally the project turns out wonderfully. I really wouldn't want people to follow all my advice because then I'd never get new ideas from them! I'm always searching for new ideas too! I do like it when other people have ideas to give me, but I realized that sometimes you have to let the person have their own ideas. When I have a definite plan it just really throws me off when someone suggests a completely different route, but on the other hand if I don't know how I want to do something than any idea is really great and helpful for a jump start.

I'm sure that practically everyone who is reading this is probably thinking I'm talking about something I said to them. .. but more likely I've made ALL of my friends feel like this at one point, and I just wanted to explain and apologize and tell all of you that I'll try not to give too much advice anymore. And IF I can't help myself I want you to know that it's because whatever you are doing is really neat and my advice is my way of getting into the awesome creativity that you are encircled in. :)

The other little self discovery that I had while I was away is that I talk about EVERYTHING! I'm home by myself with the girls so much that when I was around other adults I realized that I was saying absolutely everything that came into my head (pretty much) even if it really had no relevance to anyone else. Random, dumb things even like "Huh, I need to cut my fingernails." I interrupt terribly too and when it's not even about anything interesting.. I realized how off-putting that is for other people too. So.. combine all that I've already said in this post with my being somewhat shy around new people and there you have why I don't have many good friends in Spokane, and we've lived here for four years. I know it's my own fault and at least now with the "self-discovery" that I've had I can hopefully get better. Youssef is so patient with me that he hardly ever tells me how terrible I come across. He's so helpful too that I'm really spoiled and tell him to do things too much. Although I've been telling him to sit down lately because he'll be running around the house picking toys up or doing dishes (I'm usually nursing or reading to the kids or something while he does that)... and.. I'd like him to just sit with us. The house really CAN wait, but like I've said in some other post before, I need to also get better at keeping up with the house so he can feel like he can rest.

I'd better stop rambling. I'm really paranoid now that who ever reads this will think I'm talking about them and not just my own failings and then will be mad at me. I'm kind of sad... I've probably always been offending people and never knew it. Maybe I should take a vow of silence? hmm.. like that would work. ;)

Now that I read back over this I'm more paranoid that something that I've said will be offensive in some way and that I should have just not said anything about my problems... well.. I'll post this and then after Youssef reads it I'll delete it later...

Sunday, June 15, 2008

About pregnancy and postpartum

I know I'm really sensitive when I'm pregnant or right after I have a baby... and I haven't had a long enough time to know if I'll always be like this.

I got to thinking about all the stuff I've heard while in my most sensitive states and thought I'd share it to help us all shoot it down. So, get your squirt guns out, and douse the presumptions with me!

Ok.. I'll start with things in pregnancy...

1: A woman's size doesn't necessarily mean a whole lot.
As in, just because someone might think she "looks" big, it doesn't mean she's going to have a big baby.. and the same if she "looks" small. I was told with Renna that I looked bigger than I had with Lily (and with Lily, when I was only 7 months, I had people saying how huge I was and thinking I was due right then...)
I tried to explain the whole size thing to a single friend of mine. He wondered why he couldn't say, "You're looking bigger," to a pregnant woman.
And, really when we logically think about it, we do want to look bigger and more pregnant. We certainly want people to know that we are pregnant and not fat, but we don't want people to say that we look bigger.
As I was trying to help him know what to say, I really couldn't come up with anything good, and ended up just telling him not to say anything about size and to just say something about how nice the pregnant woman looks in general -- which is what he meant to say in the first place. ;)

2: I heard somewhere that a woman could control her morning sickness with just her attitude... Ha! I bet there are a lot of women that wish morning sickness was controlled so easily!
How awful is it to have someone tell that to you?
Now, there was that one guy that cured himself of cancer when he only had two months to live because he watched funny movies and laughed all those two months. And, I know for myself anyway, that I did feel slightly better (in a way) when I was in a better mood, but if someone says that to you, it's like it's your own fault for feeling sick.
In reality, your body is doing an amazing thing and the sickness is sort of like the body's reaction to going through such a momentous change as it makes another human being! Morning sickness cannot be controlled by attitude. And even though there was that one case with cancer, you wouldn't go to someone with cancer and tell them that they just needed to be happy and it would go away. (Who could be happy under pressure anyway?)
I always figure it's better to be joyful in everything and sometimes it's actually helpful physically, but it would be really rude to imply to someone that that's all they needed to do to feel well. That's really the problem with saying "Relax" to someone who's panicking. Why not say say something relaxing, instead of demanding peace?

About postpartum...

3: Someone else told me that she was told when she was pregnant for the first time. They said she was waddling before she'd even gotten very big. Her other pregnant friends said she was doing that just to get sympathy and that she could stop waddling if she wanted to. What another another awfully rude thing to say to a pregnant woman... and the thing is she COULDN'T control it, but they never believed her!
Most likely her hips and joints were getting more lubricated as that's what is supposed to happen when you are pregnant. Before I knew I was pregnant with Renna, I actually was suspicious because I kept noticing that I was walking like I was pregnant and had to try not to! I wish people wouldn't expect us to be "normal" when our bodies are normal in a different way. We already feel odd and unsettled as our bodies do so much work. It would be nice for people to encourage us in that... and maybe they try to, but say it in some poor way and offend us.

4: There is a lot that I heard after having a baby -- mainly with Lily. She was my first and everyone had advice for me.
That made our life really hard because it made me loose confidence in knowing what she needed. Especially that "Is she sleeping through the night?" question. Even though I did want Lily to sleep better, I liked holding her and it just stressed our lives out to transition her when she wasn't ready. Now I know that she just needed security because she gets afraid. Anyway, there were other like that.

5: The most recent thing (which is why I got to thinking about writing all this) was when someone told me to be careful how much I ate so that I wouldn't overeat.
I told her (an older lady) that when you nurse you have to have something like 500 more calories. And if I didn't eat enough, then Renna (really does) get antsy and wants more food. She kept saying, "How do you know you need that much?" and "Are you sure...?" .. yeah.. it was making me feel really fat.
In her day, I think the doctors put pregnant woman on diets. Now of course, they know not to. They also didn't usually breastfeed like now. Anyway, it was kind of depressing. I guess I do know that I eat too much sometimes, but on the other hand I'm afraid to "try" to eat less. I just kind of go with the flow--in a manner of speaking--and feed Renna when she wants. She nurses a lot less than Lily did too, so... I don't know.. maybe I don't need to eat as much as I think. Of course, I also eat really fast (in order to get it over so that I can take care of the kids) and end up eating more than I need because it takes a minute to feel full.

So, there are all the annoying things I've heard in my sensitive states. Why do people say stuff like that?

Sunday, June 08, 2008

Because it's always good to remember...

"Though I speak with the tongues of men and of angels, but have not love, I have become sounding brass or clanging cymbal. And thought I have the gift of prophecy, and understanding all mysteries and all knowledge, and though I have all faith, so that I could remove mountains, but have not love, I am nothing. And though I bestow all my goods to free the poor, and though I give my body to be burned, but have not love, it profits me nothing.

Love is patient and is kind; love does not envy; love does not parade itself, is not puffed up; does not behave rudely, does not seek its own, is not easily angered, thinks no evil; does not rejoice in iniquity, but rejoices in the truth; bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things.

Love never fails."

1 Corinthians 13:1-8a

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Playing with the Daddy!

The Big Game!

First of course, you must secure the wrist strap...

Then, Lily pitches! (The Daddy is ready to swing!)

He swings the "bat"

Is it a foul? No! It's a single!

Then Lily grows comfortable in her Wii ability

Another pitch, and...

Strikeout! But then...

Home run!!!!!!!

The crowd cheers...


The end.