Saturday, June 28, 2008

22.41 lbs

Of Strawberries!

We actually got four boxes and the picture above was after I'd already washed and prepared a bunch for freezing.

Lily actually took these two pictures (of Youssef and of me). She tends to aim the camera a little low which is why I'm bent over so much. She got a couple other good ones too of the ground and berry plants. ;)

We all worked for over an hour or so and then Renna was getting tired of not sleeping and being in the heat, Lily was getting bored too, so I took them on the train.

It was super bumpy, but Renna fell asleep on it! Then when we got back Lily was still bored and since Renna was asleep I sent him with Lily to take another trip on the train. (I can pick faster.)

So, after Lily had a total of three trips on the train and we had then four boxes of berries (at least two and a half filled by me - must be my super power.)

We stopped at a grocery store and bought some "Ice a crweem"

Then Youssef slept all afternoon while I swept and mopped and vacuumed and tidied and finally got Renna asleep as it was so hot. Then got a box and a half cleaned and frozen before Renna woke up and was a bit cranky because of the heat. So, she got a cool bath on the counter! Lily brought ALL of her bath toys to share and play with while I was working the the berries. I didn't get a whole lot done though because Renna wanted to eat soon there after and then was cranky from being hot. I didn't get pictures of this because the girls weren't wearing much, but we sat in front of the fan and squirted the water spray bottle at each other to cool down. Lily thought that was great fun and it really did cool us down. Around 5 I finally woke Youssef up and it was good that I did because then it gave him enough time to wake up a bit before having to go upstairs and work on the pipes of our house (they were clogged and he was wanting to snake them out before another "incident" happened, but it happened again.) The drain in Unit 3 goes down but comes UP in the sink of #2 then spills all over their floor.. like 3 inches of water goes down their floor vent into our bedroom ceiling (of #1) and if there is enough water will dump onto our bed. Yeah, not a good thing. Anyway, he got that worked out pretty well. I always feel pretty bad though when problems happen that we have to bug our tenants about so I invited the two guys to dinner in the back yard. It was pretty fun. I walked to the store though to get some stuff for smores (I actually don't like smores) they were all wanting to cook something over the BBQ fire. (We were burning sticks just to get rid of them.)

I'm super tired and my feet are killing me. I hardly sat down all day trying to get everything done so that I could rest. Rest doesn't seem to come till late at night though, and I get on the blog to unwind from the day I guess. It's a lot cooler in here though! While I was folding clothes (why is it that it takes about 20 zillion hours all through out the week to fold all the clothes?) Youssef got our air conditioner from the basement and we put it in the window (a better window than we used last year.) So, hopefully the girls will be able to sleep better tomorrow with a cooler house. :)

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Anonymous said...

I love seeing all the pictures it looks like you had so much fun picking and then you get the fun of eating them too.
We got back from Grandma's about 3 it was hot down there 101 today
Talk to you soon
Love Mom