Wednesday, June 04, 2008


This is so exciting! I know I probably shouldn't tell other people to enter a contest (that would give me more competition since I'm entering it too!) but it's SO neat. Check out THE PRIZES! that 10 people will all win in the scrapbooking contest! I just finished my entry yesterday and I'm now in the process of filling out the photo release stuff and list of what products I used and so forth. I was thinking as I was printing out the release forms that it was sort of a pain to do all this, but after I looked at the prizes.. yeah.. it's worth it. Just for a chance. And plus it's fun as a challenge and all that. Next I need to pick out the past layouts that I need to copy for them to send with the entry so that they know what other stuff I've done... I guess that plays into it too. :)

Anyway, I'd love to show you, but if I post a picture of the layouts on the blog then I'd be disqualified. So... my friends will just have to come over and scrapbook with me to see it! I'll probably send them by the end of June, though the latest they can be sent is July 31st. .. I thought it would be better to shoot for a little sooner than that. :) I'm pretty happy with mine, but I keep thinking that it's not different enough. Oh, well... I did the best I could.

Do check it out though! It would be fun if some of my friends were entering too!


Ryan said...

I really hope you win!!

Daniel and Natalie said...

Hey girl! I don't know much different they are from your other pages, but I think that your style is very unique. i'm still considering if I want to enter myself. Love, nat

Lynne' said...

You should! The way I figured it was that even if I don't win (which I'm sure the competition is pretty stiff) it would just be a fun way to get going on the scrapbooking that I want to do anyway.. it's a little bit of a pain to get it all set to submit, but it feels good to accomplish. :)