Saturday, June 21, 2008

Fun Times!

Yesterday, the Tuckers and Beth Lipton came over to our house!
You can't quite see the people in the above picture, but Rebekah is on the far right looking beautiful glowy with a cute growing baby belly and Beth is on the far left looking in love and twinkly. Lily, David, and Noelle are in the pool, and Timothy in the sand box. (I think.. I'm having trouble seeing too.) ;)

The kids had fun in the pool, floating and rolling and sliding!

Renna was apparently planning something.. though we don't know what.

And then seemed to changer her mind. ;)

Oh.. and Youssef and Forrest were getting "Panda Express" so they came later after I forgot about the camera. I love having pictures, but I often have to force myself to take them because I'm having so much fun just being with people and stuff to think about picture taking.

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