Saturday, June 21, 2008

The Late Night Snack...

(After writing the last post I turned around just in time to see Lily's hand deep in the peanut butter jar that she'd had me open for her!)

This maneuver right here is called "the creative mom's way of getting more protein into the diet of her very tired two year old because she was too lazy to put her to sleep on time or put the peanut butter in a dish - snack."

Oh and all the pictures taken of said snack are because said Mom doesn't let her eat this said snack often, scrapbooks and blogs too much, and thinks most people need to lighten up a bit and laugh more. ;)

(After snapping the pictures really fast and putting the camera down before she touched anything, of course, I hosed her down in the kitchen sink and chuckled while I picked up the blobs of peanut butter on the floor and chair... )

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