Friday, June 27, 2008

Upset (or trying to be)

I was talking to Lily about how Renna was trying to roll over (which she has done, but not often) and Lily wanted to "help" her so she rolled Renna over several times. This was not something that Renna appreciated much. And to show her disapproval she tried to cry. (This is really funny and she's done this before) It looks really serious in the pictures, but in real life you can tell that she's *trying* to get herself to cry. There isn't much noise with these looks either... little angry grunts mainly and a squeezed out "Aahh" sometimes.

First it starts with the big teary eyes and furrowed brow..

Then the nose wrinkle to work it up...

Then the lip comes out with an added sound of mild distress..

Then the tears well up...

"But Mom, it's really serious"
She finally squeezed out an "AeHa"
(after smiling on and off between pouting lips and trying to cry)
and I stopped taking pictures.

I wonder if we look like this to God? Our little problems that seem so huge to us. ... And God can fix things so easily. I don't usually take pictures of her "crying" faces, but it was so cute, I just had to sneak some in this once. Right afterwards I nursed her and she fell asleep and her hiccups went away. Lily never cried like Renna does. Renna's cries are more like complaints rather than real distress. Not always of course, but Lily wouldn't be able to calm herself down (she'd sob like I always have when I cry). Renna will fuss on and off and I'm often unsure if she needs something or if she's making noises and talking or like this time when she was just telling me her troubles. Nursing cured everything for Lily too, but with Renna even if that's what she was wanting and she starts to sip a little bit she lets go to give a couple more "complaints" because (whatever it was) was just SO awful! It touches my motherly heart and of course I hide my smiles at her sad little troubles because to her they are huge and all she can see.

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Daniel and Natalie said...

I'm so glad you caught the face! She is so funny! What a cutie. Love, Auntie Natalie