Monday, April 13, 2015

Spectacular "S" week!

This might be my favorite one yet!

It says our last name over the door to the house.  :)

The top design is of Seattle, a sideways sea-serpent, sunset, starts, shark, snake, skunk, sword in a stone, sand on the shore, I think there's a shell there too.  The 9 year old did that one!  The one on the left is by the 7 year old who was delighted with the idea of snail "slime" shaping the s shape and the snake of course.  ;)

Geoboard design
I switched around the words/letters above our chalk board wall so that they can practice seeing words that start with the letter of the week.  Our last name is up there too!
Build a word search with any words you want!  They weren't super thrilled with this, but it was fun to use some of the words from our chalk board and "S word wall" in the word search design.

Telling a story game!

Curls were popular this week.

We finished up some of our "R week" and started "S week" by going to the zoo and turning in the rocks... which are now called "Stones"  ;)

Close up of the curls. 

The middle one was cranky for some reason.. her older sister was trying to help her smile for the camera..

And cranky pants was trying to hide, but my oldest and I enjoyed trying to identify the birds that had S names...

She especially was impressed with the "southern screamer" we got to see that one just a couple feet from us!
Made lots of Sushi this week!  My favorite is meat and cheese sushi.

 Sushi recipe!!!

2 cups of cooked white rice
dissolve 3 T. of sugar in 1/3 cup rice vinegar and then pour that mixture into the rice.
That's what sushi is!!  "Sweet rice"
Now you need Nori seaweed (I can find it at "Tom Thumb/Safeway")
spread the sweet rice onto the nori  about 1/8 of an inch thick and then an inch from the bottom line the filling.  You can use cheese and meat like I enjoy or canned tuna or other types of fish, or avocado, or red peppers.. or really anything you think would taste good in there!  Then roll it up!  We use "sushi mattes" to help us roll the sushi, but when we started we didn't have those.  You can eat it like a burrito or you can cut it nicely.  Takes a little practice, but is SO much more affordable then going somewhere!
And if you have to be gluten free like us just make sure you get gluten free soysauce because most soy sauces will have wheat in them unless they specifically say they are gluten free on the front.  We also like dipping it in sweet chili sauce.  :)

 Product Details  What would our week be without the animal antics from A to Z?

We did our other workbox type school and different things... went to the museum and looked for pictures of cats, but I didn't take a ton of pictures.

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